Penzion Markus Frymburk Frymburk Frymburk Lipno na kole Lipno na in-line bruslích Frymburk

Winter in Frymburk and surroundings

Because Pension Markus takes place in Bohemian foothills, it is an ideal place for spending winter holiday there. In surrounding there are many modern ski areas and trails for cross-country skiing. Wonderful adventure is also skating on Frozen Lipno.

Near Frymburk there is a smaller ski lift on Marta hill. Ski lift is only 15 minutes walking from pension Markus. Marta hill  is intended for beginners and children. For families with children and beginners or advanced skiers is suitable Skiarea Lipno. Skiarea Lipno is only 7 kilometres from pension. For advanced and ambitious skiers we recommend to try Austrian skiareas Sternstein (30 kilometres) or Hochficht (59 kilometres). Around each area are also cross-country trails available. In Frymburk surrounding you can find 40 kilometres of maintained cross-counry trails for classic running or skating. Frozen Lipno offers to runners next maintainded tracks. In case of snow absence you can visit 46 kilometres far running area in Schöneben or 30 kilometres distanced Austrian centre Sternstein (

Skating on frozen Lipno dam is without doubt the most beautiful adventure in winter season. In 2012 was the skating track from Lipno nad Vltavou to Frymburk officially designated as the longest skating track in the world. Track with the lenght of 10 922 metres surpassed 7.8 kilometres long skating track in Canadian Ottawa. Start of skating track is just five minutes from the pension Markus. The second skating track begins in Horní Planá and continues towards the Frymburk. In case you haven't your own skates, you can rent it at the pension Markus. In case of heavy frost, whole water surface of Lipno freezes. The quality of the ice, however, depends entirely on natural conditions, and therefore it is necessary to obtain information about the ice conditions.

Unusual winter sports are becoming very popular in Lipno resort. Try snowkiting to real adventure. It is a sport that combines surfing, downhill skiing and flying. Fast driving on the frozen surface of the lake and snow delivers a real adrenaline rush. Frozen Lipno also provides excellent conditions for ice surfing (winter windsurfing). In winter you can also participate in trips organized by Lipnoservis, try snowshoeing or skijoring (skiing behind a horse), dog sled ride, winter scenic ballooning or adrenaline painball. Near Frymburk there is also bobsleigh track which has year-round operation. Beans with rubber wheels are easy to use even for children.

After the sports activities you can relax in Frymburk Wellness Center or take a rest day for visit the historic city and UNECSO monument of Český Krumlov. We look forward to your visit and hope that you will take away many wonderful winter adventures from the foothills of the Bohemian Forests.


Skiarea Lipno (7km)
Skiarea Sternstein (30km)
Skiareál Hochficht (58 km)
White track on Bohemian Forests
Register of cross-country skiing

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