Penzion Markus Frymburk Frymburk Frymburk Lipno na kole Lipno na in-line bruslích Frymburk

Pathway between tree tops

A Pathway between tree tops offers to visitors a view from 40 metres heigh. It´s the first pathway of its kind in the Czech Republic. A Pathway leads in tree tops by the Lipno lake and measures 675 metres. There are 18 adrenaline stations on the way and part of this is also 40 metres high view tower. At the end of pathway can visitors slither down the longest dry roller in Czech Republic (52 metres long)

New tourist attraction was build up in two months. It costed 62 million crowns. Whole pathway is wheelchair accessible, and can be absolved by people on wheelchairs or families with prams.

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