Pension Markus introduction

History of pension Markus started to write in 1994. We bought and then repair one of the oldest house in Frymburk square this year. It used to be a farmhouse with a small shop in property of Simon Sechter family. Mr. Sechters ancestors were building up this object for centuries, stone after stone and handed it over for generations, which was recognized on stone walling, which was after every outbuilding differently folded. Primarily this house didn't belong to us, but in spite of this we have really near relationship to it. Today's owner was born here and spent here her babyhood. It is also one of the few still standing original Frymburk object. The building was in bad condition when we bought it and because of that, reconstruction was necessary. Despite of this, we tried to keep original character of house. Walling, cellars and arch we managed to repair with minimal interventions but in spite of this, pension still keeps standart of modern and comfort living. Restaurant is situated in place, where used to be a shop and gateway, which has beautifully arched ceilings.

Our family roots belongs to Frymburk, part of our ancestors  was living here before first world war. Small town Frymburk has really long and rich history. Modern history start already in 1198, when the small town was by Dr. Valentine Schmidt described like this: Fritburk was the guard castle over the shallow of Vltava, reminded already in 1198. Then followed amount of important history events. In 1856 was damaged historical square. After  origination of Czechoslovakia in 1918 was Frymburk Czech with most of German. After emancipation by American military in 1945 and after displace Germany population became Frymburk the place with Czech population, which were complemented by Slovakians and emigrants from Roumania and Volynt´s Czech. Both Frymburk and scenery were considerably changed, when the Lipno dam was infused in 1959. Afterwards small town got mainly holiday format and this lasts to this day.

The name of our pension was chosen in honor of Frymburk native, teacher and writer J.K. Markus. His house had to fall back to new build-up (house number 15). Jordan Kajetan Markus was born on 22.1. 1831. In 1852 to 1858 he was teaching in Frymburk school, then he was working like teacher in various schools in Upper Austria. In 1863 he worked like a top teacher in Vienna and concurrently like a successful teacher and writer was concerned in creation of Imperial school law. From his initiative grow up famous Stifters monument on Plachý. Then he was an initiator of many placing memorable desks, which were used for honor of famous personalities from Bohemian forest and her population. J.K. Markus died like a school director 23.7. in 1893.

 Enjoy atmosphere of pension Markus and part of Frymburk history with us. We are looking forward to your visit!